Create with Teachtopia

Printable Paper Cut-outs to Build Models

With a few sheets of paper, crayons, scissors, clear tape, glue stick and imagination, your students could create models that could be used for Social Studies, Language Arts, and an array of STEM based lesson plans.

Our printable pdfs that you could download below have created models of:
Farms (K-3)
Schools (K-12)
Settings from Literature that was Read in Class (K-12)
California Missions (4th Grade)
Colonial Villages (5th, 8th, and 11th grade)
Communities (K-3)

an example of a community build using the teachtopia paper cut outs
An example of a community built in the primary grades.

Below, we have printable pdfs that you print that will serve as the foundation for creating models.

Here are the pieces to print out:
Basic Building Template (rectangular prism)
Basic Building with Doors and Windows
Basic Building with Double Doors and Windows
Barn Bottom
Barn Top
Silo Top
Silo Base
School bus
Church Bottom Level and Steeple